OOTW Krakow

Long time no see!

It’s been three years since I wrote on here, crazy how fast time flies by. I don’t know what kept me away for so long but I do know why I’m back. Lately I’ve been busy with studying and Instagram but I felt like I needed to do more. I actually want to start a business but I have no idea where to start! Then I realized I still have this blog and here I am, back with another OOTW, but a little bit different now.

Recently I went to Krakow with around 50 other Tourism Management students. We had to do some schoolwork there but we also had a good amount of time to do fun stuff. In this article I’ll show you some of the outfits I wore in Krakow.

Outfit 1 

While it was storming back home, we got to enjoy some sunshine in Krakow. These photos are taken on the Mały Rynek square.
Hair clip: My Jewellery (https://www.my-jewellery.com/nl-nl/haarspeld-parels.html)
Necklace with stars: My Jewellery (https://www.my-jewellery.com/nl-nl/ketting-kleine-sterretjes.html)
Necklace with planet: My Jewellery (https://www.my-jewellery.com/nl-nl/ketting-hanger-planeet.html)
Turtleneck top: vintage
Skort: Bershka (https://www.bershka.com/nl/dames/collectie/shorts/broekrok-met-riem-c1010194517p101894669.html?colorId=800)
Sneakers: Mostwanted (https://www.mostwantednl.nl/schoenen/sneakers.html)

Outfit 2

Another sunny, but slightly colder day. I found this flowery bike in the streets of the old center of Krakow. I love how it matched the color of my sweater and I couldn’t resist taking a photo with it.
Knitted sweater: NA-KD (https://www.na-kd.com/en/na-kd/high-neck-pattern-knitted-sweater-pink)
Flared pants: Garcia (boys and girls)
Sneakers: Nike Air Max 95 (via Zalando)
Bag: Flying Tiger
Teddy coat: Dokotoo


That’s all for today. I hope to talk to you all soon 🙂

-with love from Amy-


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